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Woodcutter - Portrait

AxeStrengthCharacterLore Store Unlock

The Woodcutter makes for a stalwart ally in combat, swinging his weapon with all his considerable might. Even inanimate objects fail to deter him as his axe smashes as easily through wood and stone as flesh and bone.
Special Abilities Elite Door Bash
Starting Base Stats Strength: 78
Vitality: 75
Intelligence: 44
Awareness: 70
Talent: 52
Speed: 58
Luck: 50
Starting Defensive Stats Armor: 1
Resistance: 0
Evasion: 8
Starting Gear Woodcutter's Axe
Fahrul Mule
4 Gold
Woodcutter - Starter Weapon
Woodcutter - Other Starter Gear


The Woodcutter is a playable Character in For The King.


Special Abilities[]

The Justice skill gives the Woodcutter a chance deal percentage-based splash damage to all enemy combatants, after rolling a perfect attack with a Two-Handed Weapon.

Elite Door Bash allows the Woodcutter to more easily break down doors in Dungeons.

Unlocking the Woodcutter[]

The Woodcutter can be unlocked in the Lore Store simply by starting any For The King campaign.